Season 2016/17

Exciting season ahead with changes in both Outlaws 1 & 2.

The First team have made one new signing in the young GB junior Harry Blyth who is looking to step up to the Premier league and have a real impact.

Stephen Murphy and Alex Gerrish have been promoted from Outlaws 2 after showing great improvement in the last year and are showing in training why they have been pushed through as the potential of both is very exciting for the Outlaws future!

The first team has a great look this season with potential in every postion, creating great competittion in training.

This team has no stand out super stars but a great mix of experience, pace and scoring abilty.

The success of this team will come down to this group clicking as a squad.


Outlaws Second Division

The Outlaws have signed a couple of new players for the newly promoted Outlaws.

Rikki Cahill and Ali Wood from Sparrows and CWBA.

The team has lost Alex Gerrish and Stephen Murphy to the Premier team but have gained two very experienced players in Tim Bohr and Victor Sutil.

Both have proved themselves as strong players in the premier league and the new challenge of leading Outlaws 2 in the second division with a exciting group of players is going to be a fun and excitng time for them and the squad.


Both Teams are developing and that for me is the most important point this season. If we work hard in training and learn from every minute on court in training and matches then the sky is the limit for both teams.