About the Essex Outlaws

Outlaws a place to be your best self and make lifelong friends

The Outlaws was founded in 1999.

It was the clubs aim and always has been to be a place for those to learn and play wheelchair basketball at the highest ability they can play at.

We wanted a place where people could come and make lifelong friendships and at the same time learn the skills of the game and be the best they can be.

The Club is small but proud of all we have achieved together.

We have two teams currently one playing in the National premier league and our second team that plays in division 3.

The club has had many players that have played and trained with the Great Britain squads both at Under 22 and senior level.

We have always welcomed new players of both gender and ability level, we strive to be the best we can be.

The team have achieved great things often playing well below the Maximum classification points a team can have on court at any one time.

We pride ourselves on playing to and above the disability level of the team.

Community Out Reach

The Club has always tried to make links in the community working in schools, colleges, Universities and even Prisons.

We want to break down any barriers and show the world that disabled people have abilities, skills, drive and ambitions the same as every other person.

The club is small and we work with volunteers that want to be involved in the running of the teams.

The Essex Outlaws Wheelchair Basketball Club are happy to work with any group, organisation or company.

We have years of experience in Paralympic sports and within the world of disability.

Alan Mansell is the Head Coach of the Essex Outlaws and is an ex GB player and GB Coach you can contact him using our email address: essexwbc@hotmail.co.uk  Tel: 07776212628.